5 Simple Activities For A Fun Weekend

We might be back to regular schedules, but we still need to make time to take a break from the busy.

Here, our list of simple late-summer activities the whole family can enjoy.

Run through sprinklers: There is something infinitely joyful about running through fountains of water! Not just for the kids, turn on the sprinklers for the perfect afternoon cool down.

Catch the sunrise: With the weather cooling every so slightly, catch the sunrise in all it’s orange glowing glory before the heat breaks.

Go camping indoors: Enjoy all the fun of camping but with additional perks – like clean bathrooms and air conditioning.

Fire up the grill: Have friends and family around for lazy evenings of delicious eats and lots of laughs.

Take a road trip somewhere unexpected: Been postponing the drive you’ve always wanted to do on, now is the time!

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