Driving with Dad: A trip down memory lane

Dad always seems to know everything about cars, or at least he pretends to. It’s why he’s the first person you call when that weird light on your dashboard starts blinking. Or when your car battery dies, he’ll be right there with you at the repair shop so you don’t get “ripped off”. Nothing get’s passed his eye, he tells you. You’re skeptical but you can’t help but feel grateful for the company and care.

School drop-off and pick-up were always a bit of a scene. You’d tumble out of the back seat, followed by Dad screaming a list of dos and don’ts. “Don’t forget to eat your lunch. Oh, and Mom packed extra underwear for after the pool.” to a “Stop talking in class. Put your head down and work.” followed by a muffled I love yous, as you slam the door to escape.

The learning how to drive saga was the funniest. After months of convincing dad to drive around a parking lot, he finally agrees. Cue frustration, fear, joy and every emotion in between. But hey! At least learned what a handbrake could do. When you started practicing for a driving permit, he was there to celebrate the wins but also the losses. Sometimes with ice cream to soften the sadness of not passing.

Remember that first flat tire? A historic event and an instant call to dad. If you were extra unlucky, you’d be somewhere you weren’t supposed to be. Say a late-night ride to a different city, and now you’re stranded and desperate. With a sigh of relief, it’s dad to the rescue, and as you wait for him to arrive you mentally prepare yourself for the lecture you’re about to receive.

From crushed Cheerios into the corner of seats, spilled drinks and dents and unknown scratches, there are many memories behind the wheel with dad. In celebration for Father’s Day, why not make brand new ones? Subscribe and treat dad with a ride he’ll love, so he can hit the road in style.


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