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We all choose our cars based on a mix of what looks good and what suits us best. Here are our recommendations when it comes to two particularly important look-outs: saving your hard earned cash on fuel & keeping you safe.  

Fuel efficient cars

The Chevrolet Spark

The Spark is one of your best options when it comes to choosing a fuel-efficient car. It has great fuel economy that offers more mileage than many of its competitors. Coupled with the size of the vehicle, the Spark is a great option for city driving. Plus, despite it’s compact size, it’s a safe option as well. The perfect car  for anyone who’s always on the go, rushing around the bustling city!  You can even park it in the smallest of spots!  

 The Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is an amazingly fuel-efficient car, making it incredibly budget friendly so you can splurge on the things you LOVE. With plenty of small item storage areas, you’ll always find a spot to store all your driving essentials. Hidden sunglasses? Check. Lip balm compartment? Yes indeed. The car also offers a fully functional voice recognition system, which easily understands commands and isn’t easily confused by natural speech. Phew! Bonus perk, if you happen to be looking for a car with easy driving controls, Rio has your back.

Tech & Safety Focused Cars

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 

If you’re looking for a car that is safe and equipped with advanced tech, then look no further than the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Kitted with a seven-inch Smartphone Link Display Audio System, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a Bluetooth wireless system and two USB ports you’ll remain connected during your d

rives. In addition to staying entertained, you’ll also be kept safe with several dedicated features including blindspot monitoring, lane position, objects behind you, visibility and accident triggers. Phew, that was a mouthful.

 PS: It even has a touchpad to help you navigate the touchscreen without needing to take your eyes off the road and a Head-Up Display that shows your speed on your windshield – no more excuses when it comes to getting fines!

The Nissan Patrol 

A beloved car of the region – and well worth the hype – the Nissan Patrol comes loaded with tech. Equipped with two screens to give you a more intuitive information and entertainment system, including a 3D Map View displayed on the high-resolution 8-inch screen, a multi-touch gesture function and in-car wifi where multiple devices can connect to the hotspot. (Yes, you read that right). 

Whether you’re looking for a top tech car filled with functionality, or a vehicle packed to the with safety smarts, at invygo we’ve got you covered.

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