How To Find And Manage An SUV in Dubai

SUVs make for a great car choice in the UAE. 

For one, they look super sleek when you’re driving around Dubai. Plus the best SUVs in Dubai also have powerful off-roading capabilities, so you can tackle even the bumpiest of desert trails with ease.

Whether you need a car for inner-city journeys or epic cross-country road trips, an SUV is an excellent call. So what exactly do you need to know to make sure you get the best SUV for your needs?

Choosing your SUV

‘SUV’ stands for sport-utility vehicles.

Thing is, these days, getting an SUV is as much a style decision as it is about sports and utility. And there’s nothing wrong with that — you want to look and feel great in your car, don’t you?

So whatever it is that appeals about an SUV, there are 3 key factors you need to consider when you’re shopping around:

Size – whilst SUVs are built bigger than many other car models, there’s still a range of sizes to choose from within the sport-utility family. For example, how many seats do you need? Is 5 enough, or should you look for a larger SUV that seats 8?

Functionality – if you’re putting your SUV to the test on sandy terrain, you want it to be up to the challenge. The best SUVs will certainly have fully independent suspension, but you’ll need to choose between 2WD vs. AWD. vs. 4WD.

No idea what that means? No problem. 

Here’s a quick breakdown…

If you’re only planning to drive around the city — an SUV is a style choice more than anything else — then 2WD (2 wheel drive) is good enough for you.

For tackling dirt roads and most typical adverse weather, AWD (all-wheel drive) should do the trick.

As 4WD (4 wheel drive) is made of even stronger stuff it’s probably not worth the cost, unless you’re planning to scale mountains in your SUV!

Price – as with other car models, the more you want from your SUV, the more you should be prepared to pay. So when comparing models, ask yourself: how much can you truly afford? 

Don’t shy away from price comparisons. Do your homework, and get the deal you deserve!

Even with the best SUV in Dubai, be prepared for wear and tear!

Dubai is a great place to live. But it’s not so kind to cars.

Sand can completely wreck an SUV. Get caught in a storm, and the grit will erode your paint, glass and trim. In fact, a bad sandstorm will make your car instantly look 10 years older.

And then there’s the traffic.

All that stop-start-stop-start down Sheikh Zayed Road can seriously grind down your brakes. 

In short? You may find the value of your vehicle depreciates way faster out here in the UAE.

But there is another way…

How do you get a great SUV without worrying about the damage?

Whether you realize or not, you don’t need to own an SUV to drive it like it’s yours.

These days, car subscription services like Invygo are making it easy for Dubai drivers to get the car they want, without the stress of daily maintenance, upkeep and damage control.

With an affordable monthly payment, you get a set of keys to a great SUV, to cruise and road-trip as you please. No need to stress about mechanics bills or oil checks — that’s all taken care of. 

And if the appeal of an SUV was short-lived, simply trade your vehicle in for a different model.

A car subscription is more affordable, more flexible and gives you more freedom than ownership ever can. See for yourself!





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