The 101 (we’re spilling the real tea) on Dubai Roads

Everything you and your vehicle need to know – from roads to parking spots. Dubai is a city made for cars, with highways and fly-overs that’ll have you zipping across, over, and under. With endless roads and exits, knowing your way around is essential, because no one likes being stuck in traffic, parking spot wars, or missing an exit only to end up at the opposite end of town.

The painful hours

If you’re planning a trip from Sheikh Zayed Road headed towards Sharjah, plan to get on the road before 4 PM or after 7 PM. The city is filled with interlinked roads which makes it almost impossible to avoid traffic. Trying to skip salik and save time by using use Al Khail Road? Think again, Al Khail can be even more congested simply because is toll gate free. When it comes to the AM, it’s best to head out of Sharjah nice and early. Hitting the road at 7 AM to make it for your 9 AM.

Apps are your best friends!

Use Google Maps to stay updated on routes. You can spot congestions ahead of time, time potential trips, and take not of toll gates you may be passing or want to avoid. Dubai Police app is also useful regarding any sudden accidents or when roads are closed temporarily (due to an event or holiday), you’ll get a notification letting you know what’s happening in that instant.

Parking Spots

Parking is available everywhere…technically. But available doesn’t often mean easily accessible or affordable, especially when you’re out on a trip with the family. Here are a few attractions in Dubai with free parking spots: Global Village Dubai Parks and Resorts Al Seef Dubai Frame City Walk Burj Park Downtown Dubai A bonus tip! Did you know that certain metro stations offer free parking? Take advantage of stations such as CenterPoint and Jabal Ali. Additionally, on national holidays all parking zones offer free parking, and daily RTA parking is free of charge from 10 PM until 8 AM.

And there you have it. We hope our tips help you drive a little easier and smarter!





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