Want To Outsmart Even The Best Car Rental Deals? This Is The Most Affordable Way To Drive in 2020

With expensive down payments and maintenance costs, owning a car just isn’t practical for everyone. That’s why a lot of people in the UAE choose to drive rentals. 

But even with the best car rental deals, it can cost as much as AED3,000 a day to hire the vehicle you want — that’s a whopping figure, even for Emirates Hills residents!

In truth: to get the best car rental deal, you need to know your options. In this guide, we’ll lay it all out so you can find the most affordable way to drive in 2020.

First up, what are the best car rental deals in UAE?

Head online, and you’ll find no shortage of car rental companies vying for your business. You can even use handy comparison sites, to cost up the best car rental deals for you, depending on how long you need to hire and what model of car you want to drive.

Roughly speaking, though, these are the best per day deals available:

  • Small car – AED 119 (or $35)
  • Medium car – AED 168 (or $45)
  • Large car – AED 210 (or $57)
  • SUV – AED 177 (or $48)

Costing hundreds a day, if you need a car for a long weekend, a working week or for the month… your final bill can easily push well into the thousands.

Then, you need to add in insurance costs — which can often come as a nasty surprise — and extra mileage, too. Be careful to really read the T&Cs of any rental deal you sign, as different hire companies will offer different levels of insurance as standard, and have different mileage counts included in the per day deal.

*Sigh*. Feeling a little overwhelmed yet?

Between researching, comparing the small-print, booking, picking up the car and dropping it back again, even the best car rental deals can feel like a drag.

So… why are you renting a car at all?

As an alternative to ownership, hiring a car can sometimes be more suited to your needs. But you do need to ask yourself: is renting a car the best choice in Dubai?

Are you renting because you can’t afford a down payment on your own car?

Do you need greater flexibility? Booking one car model one week, and a different car model the next?

Or are you only in Dubai or UAE for a few months at a time?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then there’s an even better (and cheaper!) way to get in the driver’s seat…

A car subscription can be faster and more affordable than even the best car rental deals in Dubai

Think about it for a second: you’re already saving money by using Netflix rather than buying films and TV shows in a store or online. And now, thanks to Spotify and Apple Music, you don’t need to leave the house to get your hands on the latest music releases — one click on the app, and the album is all yours.

… why isn’t it the same for your car? 

Instead of wasting time shopping around for the best car rental deals, with Invygo you have access over 600 vehicles, available to rent immediately all via one app.

Even better, once you book your car, it’s dropped off at your door and picked up again when you’re finished. You can drive from anywhere between 1 month and forever — plus pause, cancel or switch car models whenever you want to.

With membership starting from AED 1375 a month — including insurance, mileage and no down payment — well, the numbers speak for themselves!

Looking for the most affordable way to drive in 2020? At a third of the cost of even the cheapest hire car in Dubai, you’ve found it with Invygo.





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